Unique Data Design Enables Credible Quantitative Analysis

G&SQ™ data design is anchored around an unique concept of 'active date' for any event

The 'active date' is the date of reporting (or effectuation) of an event

All G&SQ™ data points are captured granularly with reference to its respective 'active date', in addition to other attributes

This contrasts conventional practice of bundling financial data in a fiscal or proxy period, often arbitrarily

  • Allows Computation Of Status As Of Any Historical Date
  • Ensures Total Elimination Of Look-Ahead Bias
  • Enables Calculation Of Historical Scores As Of Any Given Date

    G&SQ™ For Credible Quantitative Analysis

  • What Traditional Data Products Offer: 'Frozen' Data Linked To An Often Arbitrary Fiscal Or Proxy Period And Without Regard To The Date Of Disclosure Or Effectuation
  • What G&SQ™ Platform Offers: Dynamic Computation Of As-Known-On-That-Date Status As On Any Historical Date
  • G&SQ™ Platform Thus Enables Credible Quantitative Analysis Where Traditional Data Products Fall Short