Let users define a company population by user-defined parameters


Industry group

Index components

Alternatively, let users choose a custom list of companies or a single company

Let users filter company population or custom list thru more than 60 topically organized data sets on multiple filter parameters

Date range

Reporting date or date of effectuation

Status as on any custom date

Applicable fiscal or proxy period

User-defined filter criteria

By user-defined conditions

By data type

Let users drill-down filtered companies for detailed output

Let users slice and dice data by relevant dimensions for director dataset

By director name

By company name

  • Let Users Choose Data Fields For Search Output
  • Let Users Export Search Results
  • Let Users Save Custom Searches For Routine Use

    G&SQ™ Platform Offers User-configurable Searches

  • What Traditional Data Products Offer: Fixed Format Reports With Pre-fixe Menu Of Data Fields
  • What G&SQ™ Platform Offers: User-defined Search Criteria And User-defined Data Fields