G&SQTM Data Feed

Designed for data augmentation of in-house data platforms for qualitative and quantitative analysis on governance and sustainability issues

Highly flexible data export utility

Let users define company population or a custom list of companies

Let users filter company population or custom list thru more than 60 topically organized data sets on multiple filter parameters e.g. date range (reporting date or date of effectuation or status as on any custom date or applicable fiscal or proxy period) and user-defined filter criteria (by user-defined conditions or by data type)

Let users choose data fields to be included in export feed template; output rows are organized on the basis of a unique single 'relation' e.g. user defined company identifier and user-defined date type; rest of the data fields are in consecutive columns

Let users filter by multiple dimensions on 'Board' dataset e.g. by company name or by director name

Export options currently include csv and worksheet formats

Let users save search-wise criteria for routine data export

    G&SQ™ Data Feed for Platform Data Augmentation

  • For Portfolio Managers And Investment Analysts
  • For Insurers
  • For Law Firms
  • For Proxy Voting Professionals
  • Regulators
  • For Value Added Data Platform Vendors