G&SQTM Research

G&SQ™ Research is a modular product offering for qualitative analysis in governance and sustainability domain, comprising of G&SQ™ Profile Report, G&SQ™ Data Search, and G&SQ™ Score List

  • G&SQTM Profile Report

    Algorithmically generated and, therefore, free of subjectivity and computable 'on-the-fly' for historical dates

    A concise company specific report, listing highest risk contributing G&SQ™ measures - overall and group-wise. A parameterizable risk contribution threshold automatically filters measures for the list

    Compares company's overall score and five individual group scores with median values of those of two benchmark clusters. Benchmark definition is parameterizable

    Graphically compares company's historical scores - overall and group scores, with median values of those of two benchmark clusters

  • G&SQTM Data Search

    Let users define a company population by user-defined parameters e.g. sector or industry group or index components

    Alternatively, let users choose a custom list of companies or a single company

    Let users filter company population or custom list thru more than 60 topically organized data sets on multiple filter parameters e.g. date range (reporting date or date of effectuation or status as on any custom date or applicable fiscal or proxy period) and user-defined filter criteria (by user-defined conditions or by data type)

    Let users drill-down filtered companies for detailed output

    Let users slice and dice data by relevant dimensions for director dataset e.g. by director name, or by company name

    Let users choose data fields for search output

    Let users export search results

    Let users save custom searches for routine use

  • G&SQTM Score List

    Pecking order of companies on the basis of G&SQ™ score - overall and G&SQ™ measure group-wise

    Within user-defined population

    On user-defined date

    Color coded based of percentile rank of G&SQ™ score within population

    G&SQ™ Research For Qualitative Analysis & Due-diligence

  • For Portfolio Managers And Investment Analysts: Qualitative Analysis
  • For Asset Owner Fiduciaries: Qualitative Analysis, And Investment Manager Performance Review
  • For Insurers: Due-diligence And Benchmarking
  • For Law Firms: Business Development
  • For Proxy Voting Professionals: Corporate Governance And Stewardship Performance Benchmarking, And Due-diligence
  • For Regulators: Benchmarking And Due-Diligence
  • For Academia: Empirical Research