G&SQTM Scoring Methodology

Companies are scored on a scale of 0 to 100; higher the riskier

On overall basis

On each of five topically organized G&SQ™ groups

G&SQ™ score computation is a two layered process

On first layer, contribution of each G&SQ™ measure is computed; the measure contribution is determined by the positions of measure outcome values relative to population

On next layer, weights are applied on G&SQ™ measures and G&SQ™ measure groups. Weights are determined based on covariance of respective measure outcomes with performance factors e.g. total shareholder return and volatility, and also on covariance between G&SQ™ measures and measure groups

  • Highly Flexible Scoring Framework Is Enabled By Multiple Levels Of User-Defined Parameter Sets
  • User-Defined Scoring Parameters Relate To Rule Definition For Determining Position Of G&SQ™ Measure Outcome Values Relative To Population Outcome Values
  • User-Defined Scoring Parameters Also Include Weights For G&SQ™ Measures And Measure Groups

    G&SQ™ Scoring Parameters – Who Sets What

  • G&SQ™ Research: Scoring Parameters Are Periodically Reviewed And Reset By Our Team Of Analysts. The Parameter Values Are Applied Across The Entire G&SQ™ Universe
  • G&SQ™ Research: Highly Extensible G&SQ™ Architecture Allows Creation Of Multiple G&SQ™ Universes, And Separate Sets Of Scoring Parameters For Each
  • MyG&SQ™ Portfolio Screener: Customer User Sets The Parameters In MyG&SQ™ Portfolio Screener For His Own Scoring And Portfolio Screening Purpose
  • MyG&SQ™ Portfolio Screener: Customer User Can Set-up Multiple parameter Sets For Multiple Portfolios And Save The Parameter Sets For Future Routine Use