User Definable Parameters Include:

G&SQ™ measure definition parameters: trailing periods, triggers and thresholds

Peer group definition parameters for computing pay-performance alignment:

Industry sector

Industry group

Index component

Scoring parameters for computing positions of G&SQ™ measure outcome values relative to population:

Population definition

Definition of portfolio to be scored (and screened from)

Retroactive resetting frequency for population outcome values for historical score calculation

Percentile position definition (inclusive or exclusive or a variant)

G&SQ™ measure and group weights

Portfolio screening parameters:

Threshold score for screening

Retroactive score computation and portfolio screening frequency for historical periods

Time horizon for historical performance of original versus screened portfolios

  • Let Users Score Portfolio Companies Based On User-Defined Set Of Parameters
  • Let Users Screen Portfolios Based On User-Defined Threshold
  • Let Users Test Screened Versus Original Portfolio Performances For Different User-Defined Historical Time Periods

    G&SQ™ Platform Let Users Score

  • What Traditional Data Products Offer: A Score Out Of A 'Black-Box' As Of An Arbitrarily Chosen Date
  • What G&SQ™ Platform Offers: A Transparent Scoring Tool With High Level Of User-Defined Parameterization, Which Let Users Dynamically Score Companies On Any Historical Date, Based On Their Self-Defined Parameters